Rock/Alternative/Progressive aus Berlin, seit 2009



Although officially formed in January 2009, our story begins a lot earlier…

When we started to make our own music in 2002 we had really no idea about how to play and how to write, so we just did what we felt, always having kind of a vision on our minds, of how it should sound and feel, but unfortunately we couldn’t bring that vision to life.

Of course we knew it would take years to develop the abilities and the sound we needed to make our vision of music become substantial, so we decided to document our progress in 3 CD’s (Larva, Cocoon and Imago) and name our band “Still Born”.
But after finishing Larva and Cocoon, which took us almost 6 years, we realized that the finish line of our trilogy was really the beginning of what we had in mind when we started…

That is how we became IMAGO

R (...) Mehr anzeigeneferenzen
- 1.Platz Deutschlandfinale 2010 Local Vision Band Contest
- 1.Platz Landesfinale 2010 Local Vision Band Contest
- 1.Platz Regionalentscheid 2010 Local Vision Band Contest
- 2.Platz Emergenza Finale 2010 (Final n° 2)
- 1.Platz Emergenza Semifinale 2010
- 1.Platz Emergenza Viertelfinale 2009

Early Years as "STILL BORN"
- 1.Platz Rock für den Wald Festival Ausscheid 2008
- 2.Platz Wanted4Music 2007
- 2.Platz Auftakt Bandwettbewerb 2007
- über 150 gespielte Konzerte/Festivals:

- Summer Summit Festival – Oschatz
- Independant Music Festival – Niesky
- Europäische Musiktage - Opava (Tschechien)
- On Stage Festival – Berlin
- Spacken Festival – Nuertingen
- Emsterlandhalle – Lehnin
- Rock für den Wald Open Air – Fürstenwalde
- Rockende Eiche Festival – Biesenthal
und viele mehr... Weniger anzeigen


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