Rock aus Hamburg, seit 2007



Opinions are divided over Jerzee. With her fresh kind of music between rock, folk, dance and electro she moves in her own way. Jerzee is a free bitch with an addiction to selfstaging and sometimes you might think the cheeky blonde is fancy. She is a woman who knows what she wants. Jerzee has put in a lot of hard work and time to create the best circumstances for her career.
As an adolescent she liked to produce catchy techno tracks. She then began to imitate such inspiring singers as the dutch rockstar Anouk. Later she improved her vocal talent as a background singer for Jeanette Biedermann, one of the big German popstars of the last decade.
But her place is not in the shadow of others. Jerzee wants to rock all the way to the top. Inescapably Jerzee maked her decision to write own songs an (...) Mehr anzeigend to play her own music. Thus Jerzee took the guitar, learned the most necessary chords, won in 2005 with her first compositions the German rock and pop award, published in late 2007 her first album and two years later an EP.
However from the moderate success of her own-label records she does not let herself become discouraged and still believes firmly in herself and her talent - Jerzee has always reason enough to. After all, her first single release had reached countless playlists on big German radio stations.
With both feet on the ground she is working on her dream. Currently Jerzee is recording her next album and performing across Europe to present an extraordinary catchy music style on her concerts.
The new album “It’s Only Rock’n Roll But It Feels Like Love” coming soon.


Give Me Love – New single - Jerzee has become much bolder by mixing traditional acoustic instruments with electronic beats & sonics that equate to a progressive melodic rock sound and style in her new music! Her voice is reminiscent of Jennifer Rush & Melissa Etheridge to speak of a few, making an unusual, exciting and very fresh connection to her old and new fan base. Her producer Jeff Silverman from Nashville says: “With her new “universal” sound and appeal, I feel Jerzee will achieve great international recognition and success in the not so distant future!”

Her first single “Give Me Love” from the forthcoming album “It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll But It Feels Like Love” will be released October, 18. Weniger anzeigen


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