John Rainbow

Garage-Rock aus Hamburg, seit 2013


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John Rainbow formed as a three piece in 2013. Long nights were spent in the practice room in Billstedt, Hamburg's glorious ghetto, developing their Garage pop sound.
Germany's coldest winter in 100 years took its toll on the bass player Danny who made a sudden retreat back to Australia. Frontman and guitarist Tobi and drummer Max, drew upon their eclectic influences as a driving force and marched on. They continued recording tracks and gigging around the Kiez. This time was a crucial part of the John Rainbow journey.
With songs such as 'Magnum' and 'Little Miss Bad' firing their rock arsenal, Danny could not resist the call to arms and returned to the band this year. A dynamic trio once again, the Rainbow have recently been in the studio and are set to embark on an exciting next chapter in (...) Mehr anzeigen 2016. Weniger anzeigen


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