La Roboká

Altpop, Alternative Pop, Artpop aus Berlin, seit 2019



Can you dance to a genre definition?
Are you moved by labels?
Do you feel classification?
We neither.
But we get excited by emotions carried through sound.
So we hereby declare all categorization for our music from now on as nonsense*.
Lady K & Robulus
La Roboká
This formation came into existence when Lady K, a classic soprano singer, and Robulus, a film composer, wanted to mix certain styles they liked into songs. We are happy when you like them too.
„In the few tracks that we have been sent, there is such a diverse spectrum of different sounds and even genres that they each fit into.“
Mammoth Music News
„La Roboká’s upcoming single “Misophonic” may be the juiciest hit of Pop insanity that we’ve been treated to this year.“
A&R Factory
„this duo writes music with honesty, (...) Mehr anzeigenand their stunning performances are a direct reflection of their diverse approach and passion for the craft.“
The Bandcampdiaries
After dropping the first single BIPOLAR, their debut EP „MASKALICIOUS“ is available since May on Spotify, iTunes and many other streaming-platforms.
The first video MISOPHONIC was released in May, followed by the new single KLAGELIED EINER ENTTÄUSCHTEN in September.
Meet Lady K & Robulus. Who are they exactly? Who knows for sure? Lady K has an ongoing history on opera stages. Robulus not only composes film music but is also working as a director. They knew each other for a long time until they saw their potential during a film production they both worked on. With La Roboká they share their common interest in exciting, dancable, captivating music and putting on an extra layer of theatrics. They jump between genres, give you an emotional anthem to sing along and then surprise you with an ecstatic danceable electropop tune. Weniger anzeigen


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