Ethno/Mystic/Metal/rock aus Berlin / Ukraine, seit 2016


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The mystic band Motanka was founded in 2016 by 4 guys. Motanka is the band which breaks stereotypes about current metal music. Founders of Motanka play totally different music from any existed metal band. Ancient Instruments as dulcimer, ocarinas, bowls, throat singing, authentic symbols and powerful vocal which mixed with modern electronic pads sound, ambient parts and heavy neoteric e-guitar with ethno vocal parts, all of these elements make music original and force your soul to fly to the past, to thousands years ago. On the shows people goes in trance seeing images and views from the past lifes, the atmosphere of the music is strange, mystic and dark, in the same time it is really easy to listen, so metal fans and even people which don't listen metal music become fans of Motanka (...) Mehr anzeigen. Every symbol and lyrics that Motanka uses has special deep and ancient meaning. The motto of the Motanka founders 'Any copy is always worst than original'. That is why they write music that hasn't existed before.
There is really special thing about Motanka name. It was a knitting doll that ancient Ukrainians used as the sacred overseer. You can see this doll on the picture underneath. This is a powerful and mystiс doll, it has a force to be located between life and death. It was without the face because it related to ancestors and souls which hadn't borned yet! The doll protected people from diseases from dark things. On the performances Motanka puts these dolls on the stands and instruments, this is an integral part of the show.
On the stage founders use small art sceneries which show ancient traditions of Ukraine. There are rituals, rites, throat singing, the prettiest girls which wear wreaths and ethno clothes and whisper and sing epic, authentic motives, also scream. In development it will be a big show with breaks that show ancient traditions with mystic sceneries. Motanka has tons of ideas which are special and have a deep meanings and fits with music and lyrics perfectly.

Motanka has 14 original songs and looking for a label to do release of the music. Motanka can perform for more than 1 hour with their new material that always drowns people's attention. Founders are originally from Ukraine but now live in Berlin (Germany).(Viktor Zhalnin - vocals,dulcimer, electronic pads, Anatoliy Zhalnin - guitar, back vocal, Sergiy Khodorchuk - bass guitar, ocarinas, Dmytro Diachenko - drums, throat singing, djembe drum). These four persons have played in different bands during past 10 years. Having been for a long time abroad and playing the lot of shows in Germany, Poland and Ukraine, the musicians had took an interest in the authentic culture of their motherland. That's why they use the name Motanka and started to play original music. Weniger anzeigen


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