Outta Noise

Melodic Deathmetal aus Krefeld, seit 2007



We started forming our band in the year 2007 on the school yard in Tönisvorst (our first hometown), Germany, between two classes. To start a band was a fast decision, but we were excited about it and simply wanted to try ourselves in the world of music. The only problem was, that only one of us really had experiences in playing an instrument. At the beginning we were four guys with an idea: Sebastian (guitar), Alexander (vocals), Karsten (drums) and his brother Stefan (bass guitar). Of course we had to learn how to play our instruments and had to decide on what we want to play. For learning issues we covered different songs like 'Smells like Teen Spirit' or 'Come Clarity'. But to cover songs was not our real passion, so we wrote our first own songs. At the beginning we sounded like an Alte (...) Mehr anzeigenrnative Rock band, but the more songs we wrote, the more we switched into metal.

The direction in this harder music area got stronger when our other guitar player, Daniel, joined the band. He was also a former classmate from our school, so we knew him well and he got implemented in the band very easily. After years of learning the instruments, writing songs and performing them we had our first concerts in the nearest city, Krefeld. After some shows, our bass player had to leave the band because of time issues. It took us a very long time to find another bass player. Because of the missing Rock/Reggae influence of Stefan we rewrote our songs and Alex started to sing guttural and we decided to be a Melodic Deathmetal Band. After a very long time we finally found a new enthusiastic bass player, Ron.

Finally we were complete again and in 2015 we released our first CD, the EP 'Pain of Justice'. The artwork was made by Sebastians brother and because of the main topic from the title song, the cover of our first CD was Justitia. We decided that this shall be our icon for every new release we are going to make. In the meantime, most of us moved to our new hometown Krefeld and had some concerts with spreading our first CD. In September 2018 the day of our first full album release had come and it was one of our best concerts ever. Our fans and friends liked to see us on stage and the whole evening was a great party. Now we want to show more people our music, the passion as well as the way we made to create it. Literally from the school yard to the stages it is a story about getting older and gain experience for something you love doing. Everyone of us gives his best to this project and we hope that others can feel the passion too.

We are Outta Noise and this is our story. Weniger anzeigen


Alexander T.


Sebastian Kühn


  1. Pain of Justice (Pain of Justice, 2014)Kommentar
  2. Heaven for a Sinner (Pain of Justice, 2014)Kommentar

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