Perishing Mankind

Death Thrash Metal aus Graz, seit 2001



Perishing Mankind was founded in May 2001 and was made up of the joint skills of holger, georg, gernot, paul and beate. Right from the beginning they invested a load of energyand time in this project and got it going with playing lots of shows all over austria as well as in neighbouring countries (ger, slo, hu, it).

In march 2005 Perishing Mankind signed a record deal and recorded their first full-length album "fall of men", which was released via black lagoon records in July 2005. The responses to the material where highly positive, both from reviewers and audience, and so Perishing Mankind decided to hold straight on, writing new songs and intensifying their live-presence.

In summer 2006 Perishing Mankind signed a contract with Noiseheadrecords, and in November the second full-length a (...) Mehr anzeigenlbum “Wonderland” was recorded. It was released in March 2007, and the feedback on it exceeded all expectations. With performing the new material on some bigger events in summer (eg. Metalcamp, Summer Nights Festival, Zabbaduschder Open Air) Perishing Mankind managed to broaden the number of their fans as well as their own horizon.

The year 2008 turned out to be a watershed for Perishing Mankind. On the one hand, a lot of great shows (metalcamp, summer nights festival, rocky mountains festival, stp metal weekend, just to mention a few) were done. One the other hand, they split up with their drummergirl in september 2008.

But fortunately an appropriate new drummer was found soon after. Weeks and months of intense rehearsing and songwriting followed. With the new drummer new influences were brought into the band and new stylistic elements were integrated into the songs. After a few months the band realized that the direction of the new material was something amazingly different, yet typical Perishing Mankind. The recording of “The Heritage” started in October 2009. The successor of “Wonderland” was recorded until February 2010 at the Hinterhof Studios in Vienna.

On “The Heritage” Perishing Mankind combine their well known trademarks like groovy rythms, catchy melodies and the unmistakable vocals of Holger with new influences and created their so far most mature work. The album contains heavy riffs, double bass attacks, catchy refrains and versatile vocals, from deep but yet understandable growls, shouts or clean passages.

All of this together marks the Heritage of Perishing Mankind....... Weniger anzeigen


Gernot Oreski


  1. Mortality (Wonderland, 2007)Kommentar
  2. Sad Day (Wonderland, 2007)Kommentar
  3. Wonderland (Wonderland, 2007)Kommentar

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