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New melodic death metal project

Melodic Death Metal / Metalcore / Thrash aus Köln

Our influences are In Flames, Killswitch Engage, Soilwork, Dark Tranquillity, Lamb Of God, The Haunted, Arch Enemy, Insomnium ecc.. All the members come from already existing band and have a lot (...)


in flames arch enemy lamb of god testament dark tranquillity insomnium killswitch engage the haunted at the gates soilwork


Melodic Death Metal / Swedish Death Metal / Metalcore aus Köln

Our influences are In Flames, Killswitch Engage, Soilwork, The Haunted ecc.. All the members come from already existing band and have a lot of experience both live and studio. We're currently wr (...)


in flames soilwork the haunted killswitch engage black label society

Black Aeons

Death-Metal, Melodic Death-Metal aus Otterberg

Death Metal aus Otterberg, Rheinland-Pfalz. Aktuell sind wir auf der Suche nach einem Drummer.


at the gates paradise lost wolfheart bolt thrower behemoth moonspell dismember entombed amorphis bloodbath cannibal corpse . dissection the haunted hypocrisy in flames kataklysm obituary satyricon tiamat


Mix aus Melodic Death Metal und Thrash Metal. aus Gelsenkirchen

Mit Skalpell und Presslufthammer Bedrückende Atmosphären wandeln sich in treibende Stakkatos, melodische Chori, zerschnitten durch wütende Growls. Knurrende Bässe geeint mit zerschmetternden Git (...)


at the gates the haunted eisregen

The Hellevator

Death Metal / Melodic Death Metal aus Flörsheim am Main

Endgültig als Metalband im Winter 2008 / 2009 gegründet, treten The Hellevator mit ihrer fiesen Mischung aus Death und Thrash Metal jetzt die Ärsche aller Metalfans rund um den Globus (Hauptsäch (...)


the black dahlia murder at the gates lamb of god the haunted


raw swedish death metal aus Greifswald

WEYLAND was founded in 1999. Proudly we are melting swedish death influences with our own individual drive risen from the stormy shore of the Baltic Sea. A bastard of metal will keep you tied. W (...)


at the gates the haunted dissection


Metal aus Limburg an der Lahn

Coming from the boondocks, BLOODSPOT doesn’t know about what’s fancy. No christmas-tree, no scene, no rules. It’s all about brutality, groove, darkness and love. The five piece metal beast from (...)


slayer hatesphere the haunted testament


Melodic Death Metal aus Villingen-Schwenningen

Melodic Death aus VS-Villingen seit 2019 Acormus: medizinisch gesehen zu großer kranker Kopf, verkümmertes Herz - das beschreibt metaphorisch einen großen Teil der Menschheit und liefert uns Tex (...)


slayer arch enemy hypocrisy amon amarth bloodbath dying fetus insomnium the haunted


Melodic Death Metal aus Bad Homburg

Since 2013 I had the Idea to put my thoughts, feelings and memories into music. With this project my goal is to bring you food for thought and to express my emotions. especially the ones I had a (...)


gojira children of bodom amon amarth the haunted kreator slipknot in flames dimmu borgir marilyn manson

Inhale The Void

Metalcore / Melodic Death Metal aus Bremen

The foundation of the band was laid out by the brothers Moritz and Philipp who were shredding the guitars together for years. They developed a passion to share with Julian who joined the band in (...)


darkest hour devildriver lamb of god jinjer machine head at the gates the haunted


Melodic Death aus Düsseldorf

Deflected sind ein Quintet aus Düsseldorf, das sich stlitisch irgendwo zwischen old skool Thrash, Melodic Death und Metalcore bewegt. Gekonnt kombinieren sie teils heftige, teils melancholisch a (...)


megadeth at the gates the black dahlia murder the haunted testament death angel


Death Metal aus Stuttgart

Helldrifter is a fast pacing Death metal unit based out of Baden-Württemberg, southern Germany, heavily inspired by death metal giants such as Cannibal Corpse , Carcass , Death and At The Gates.


carcass death cannibal corpse . at the gates kreator the haunted