raw swedish death metal aus Greifswald, seit 1999


WEYLAND was founded in 1999. Proudly we are melting swedish death influences with our own individual drive risen from the stormy shore of the Baltic Sea. A bastard of metal will keep you tied. We shared stages with bands like Sodom, Dismember, God Dethroned, Exhumed, Suffocation, Napalm Death, Nocte Obducta, Disillusion, Master, Belphegor, Legion of the Damned, Sinners Bleed, Psycroptic, Fall of Serenity, Obscenity, Menhir and many more. We..d like to continue the listing ;-), ready to explore venues far beyond our country..s borders and maybe we will soon be there, leaving YOUR hometown in ashes! Keep the flame alive!


Stephan Haese



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