Energisch-melodischer rhytmusgetriebener Metal mit genreübergreifenden Einflüssen aus Köln, seit 2003



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Die Band Phase Shift aus Köln, Frank Cürten (Vox, Bass), Dominik Schenke (Git, Vox) und Jari Töppich (Drums) formierte sich im Jahr 2004.
Durch die unterschiedlichen musikalischen Vorlieben der Bandmitglieder – von Klassikern des Heavy und härteren Metals, über Songwriter- und Punknummern, bis hin zu elektronischer Musik – entsteht ein zeitgemäßer, progressiver Metal. Schiebende Strophen kombinieren mit eingängigen Refrains.
Im Februar 2014 veröffentlichte die Band ihr neuestes Album. „Lack of Silence“ wurde in Eigenproduktion und live eingespielt. Die Texte setzen sich u.a. kritisch mit der heutigen Gesellschaft auseinander, transportieren aber genau so die hohe Energie der Musik.

Let's rock!!!

The becoming of PHASE S (...) Mehr anzeigenHIFT
What started out as four poor hobos trailing along the edge of existence without any money, aims and future whatsoever soon became the effort of their lifetimes. It is a monument on how everything you thought you believed in can turn.
It all started when - after some years of barely existing - Frank, Dominik, Andreas and Jari finally agreed that they would not want to continue down this uneasy slope. Life was hard on them as were the park benches beneath them. Neither did they find any resolve or solace in alcohol or drugs anymore; rock bottom.
A couple of nights in the drying-out cell later the plan was set: They wanted to become famous rock-stars. Working off their hands until they almost dissolved in small, cramped kitchens, collecting old cans and bottles in order to get the deposit back, beggin for money in every street and backyard alley, they had no time to sleep nor did they want to spend the hard earned money on a hostel or anything such. But as the years of feverish slaving passed, they soon got nearer to their goal: Plastic surgery in order to make them successful.
First they decided on who should play which instrument: Frank should sing, but he also wanted to play the bass, which was fine, because Dominik and Andreas had set their minds on the guitars anyway, which made sense, since the surgeons claimed that the money the band had was sufficient for three people only and Jari was almost inoperable.
Thus, by being appointed the job as drummer, he could be moved to the rear of the stage and could be kept in the dark. The three got their loads of botox-injections and all were happy!
Now their famous life on the sunny side where the grass is always green could begin: Face lift! PHASE SHIFT! Weniger anzeigen


Dominik Schenke



Schlagzeuger, Musiker

  1. A Requiem 2.0 (Lack of Silence, 2014)Kommentar
  2. Oxyakoia (Lack of Silence, 2014)Kommentar
  3. 04 Clouds (Paths, 2008)Kommentar

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