Rash Caprino

Rock, Alternative/Independent aus Berlin, seit 2019


Rash Caprino is an Indie Rock Band formed in 2019 in Berlin. The group consists of Juan Parga (Bass Guitar and Voice), Nicolas Herlitz (Lead Guitar), Hannes Wollmann (Synth, Organ and second Voice) and Robin Ilibasic (Drums). They recently released their first self-titled EP in february 2020.

Germany, England, Chile and Argentina. Rash Caprino is a mix of different cultures and life stories, that all blend together once their music is played. Whilst active in a music project in Ecuador, the drummer and keyboard player bonded through their similar interests in music and once back in berlin they met the rest of the band in a water polo tournament.

The band all write and produce their songs together, incorporating diverse influences from the 70s, Rock and Modern Indie and always focused on (...) Mehr anzeigena clear goal: sharing their music with people and showing the wonders that music can bring to life. Rash Caprino is a band with stories turned into songs, and songs turned into meaning. Weniger anzeigen


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