Seven Purple Tigers

Pop, Rock, Alternative/Independent aus Freiburg im Breisgau, seit 2015



Seven Purple Tigers are Freiburg’s finest up-and-coming Indie Rock act. Founded in 2015 by American singer Austin Horn and German guitarist Phil Dyszy in Krakow, Poland, the group have been hitting it hard as a four-piece in Freiburg since 2017. With drummer Felix Schwer and bassist Sebastian Heieck, the Tigers recorded their debut album in 2018, which was released in July of 2019. Seven Purple Tigers bring an unparalleled energy and stage presence to every show as they blaze through sets of powerful, melodic original music. Having placed runner-up in the 2019 Fürstenberg Derby at Zelt Musik Festival as newcomers, and having won Rampe 2020 in Jazzahaus Freiburg, Seven Purple Tigers make waves everywhere they grace the stage. The band has played memorable gigs, festivals and events all over (...) Mehr anzeigen Germany, as well as in Poland and the United States. The Tigers head into 2020 with a mountain of new material, plans for an ambitious second album and are ready to pounce on audiences all over Germany, Europe and the world. Weniger anzeigen


Philip Dyszy

Gitarrist, Background-Sänger


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