Metal aus Wehrheim, seit 2003


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Hier sind 4 Bombenleger aus dem Taunus!!!!!!

"Forget about trendy metal core or nerdy fairytale Metal.
STAGEWAR is true to the bone Heavy Metal, carrying forth the
raw and merciless attitude of the olden days.
Visitors of their live shows suffer an adrenaline shock, leaving
them begging for more!

If you´re looking for the real spirit of Heavy Metal, you won´t
come past the ass-kicking energy of the 80ies. Addicted to Metal,
STAGEWAR devote all care and attention to offering the finest
quality of Heavy Metal entertainment. STAGEWAR have heard the
call of the underground - reuniting metalheads of all genres all
over the world.
Get ready! Vicious Metal Punks from Germany, Wales & Greece are
on their way to a show near you!!!"


Kimon Stagewar

Gitarrist, Sänger


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