Suburbian Rex

Rock, mit alternativem Einfluss & psychodelic Elementen aus Jülich, seit 2015


“We don’t like what’s happening to music right now. The music we love is going
down, oppressed by this unbearable noise that is played all day and everywhere.”
If this sounds familiar to you, you might find yourself stuck in the middle of modern
day radio music playlists listening to the same pop songs over and over again. You
also might ask yourself: Where is the good old rock music? Where are the scratching
guitars, the shattering drums, the beast-like basses and the individual voices? Where
are the passion- and sweat-filled songs, written and produced in a tiny basement
under a bar?
Trying to find a solution to this probably devastating questions concerning the future
of today’s music industry, Suburbian Rex was formed in 2015. Three guys, living in
a small town in Germany, with a big a (...) Mehr anzeigenim: Bringing back Rock!
So who is this band with such a high set target?
Anton (singer), Ivo (bassist) and Julian (drummer) is the simple answer to that. Being
friends since school the trio often met at their favourite local pub and discussed the
one thing they all had in common from the very beginning: Their love for music. It
turned out quite quickly that one certain style has captured their attention - Rock in all
its colourful and diverse shades. And watching this music, that has been the
embodiment of social movements and expression of youth revolt for decades, slowly
disappear from radio and party playlists caught their attention. It all began with just a
few jam sessions but it was actually clear from the beginning that Anton, Ivo and
Julian wanted to make a difference.
Reviving the music that deeply influenced their parents, a music that celebrates
musicianship, live performance and authenticity more than any other genre – that is a
mission Suburbian Rex dedicates heart and soul to. The young band already played
several gigs in different concert venues and festivals, from their local town Jülich to
Aachen and Cologne. Right now they are leading a band contest in first place leaving
behind 68 other ambitious bands. With their newest single My Generation they face
the issues of today’s youth – being in lost in a world of excess and the wish to
escape, to rise and to shine. It definitely is a declaration to fight for their goals and it
sounds like there is many more to expect from the young musicians. Anton’s, Ivo’s
and Julian’s journey has just begun and they strive for more!
“My generation burdened with expectation
No one remembers John's imagination”

(My Generation written and performed by Suburbian Rex, 2016) Weniger anzeigen


Julian Heck



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