Pop, Alternative/Independent aus Oslo / Norway

Label: ITLamg


- A fresh breath of Norwegian synth music.

Supercraft are surely a fresh breath in the Norwegian synthmusic scene, as they successfully combine the styles of synthpop and futurepop. As a band, Supercraft have lived since 2007 and have so far released 1 album “Things we do” and 1 single “Shiver & Burn”. Thomas Hansen and Geir Johansen –that makes up the band – have played more than 50 concerts and festivals in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. 2011 they will once again hit the stages and promote themselves and their music. A new album is also in the making, and planned release is expected in summer 2011.

Even if both members of Supercraft have played in various other bands of different styles almost since childhood, it has always been the love of synthmusic that has been the closest (...) Mehr anzeigento their hearts. So when they had the opportunity to start building their home studio and start the band Supercraft, the choice of the synth music style, came natural. They have made it into their goal to make music that can be experienced as catchy and dance floor-friendly, with rhythmic beat and sing-along lyrics. Inspiration is found in as much the music from the 80’s as it is in modern music. It is often been said that their music sounds a little like Depeche Mode, especially when you hear the voice of the singer.

Supercraft landed a record deal with the German label Codeline Records after a very successful concert at the club K17 in Berlin. This cooperation has so far resulted in 1 album and 1 single. And also they have contributed with songs on CDs released in Germany, Russia and China.

The music of Supercraft can be found on the big sites online, like iTunes, Spotify and such.

Mer om Supercraft her;
- facebook.com/supercraft
- myspace.com/supercraft Weniger anzeigen


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