My music stretches from groovy club music to emotional art pop with my own twist. Having grown up with jazz, folk, avant garde and 80’s disco the distance between genres is small in my mind. aus Oslo, seit 2017



PYSJ is a dynamic avant-pop project led by artist and producer Solveig Sørbø, with core members Torgeir Koppang (keys), Vegard Riise (guitar) and Øystein Bang (drums). PYSJ loves the simplicity of yellow and a complexity of musical influences, pulse, flow and textured sounds that feel like a stream-of-consciousness as much as the minimal and appealingly repetitive. Until now in 2019 Solveig has played with her awesome band in most of the smaller leading venues for music in Oslo, and her lonely trips to Berlin, Paris, Copenhagen and other European cities represents her first leap into the world beyond her home town, music-wise. But great things are awaiting after this as well, since her music will be the backdrop to a Mexican indie movie by Eduardo Clorio, so an America tour is bound to hap (...) Mehr anzeigenpen soon. In addition two of her songs will be used in an art film by Jean-Baptiste Decavele. Some of the music by PYSJ is funky and could be described as close to the Vulfpeck style, while other songs are avantgardian art-pop, and our sidekick PYSJ Sleepless (Søvnløs) plays longer club versions of out music. Solveig is great as a solo artist, and is looking for gigs both with her band and solo! Hit us up! Weniger anzeigen


Solveig Sørbø

Sängerin, Keyboarderin, Synthesizerspielerin, Musikerin, Producerin, Dirigentin, Songwriterin


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