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Rock and roll is easy. It only requires your total commitment. The best of it isn't necessarily the most technically advanced or conceptually elevated music out there. It just has to mean something to the people doing it to have any hope of meaning anything to the people hearing it. Dean Schweitzer goes by the name of TIDALWAVE. Since starting out in the U.K, Dean moved to America, and has finally ended up in Germany, all in the pursuit of getting the feel just right. “Coming to Berlin really pushed me to take this musical direction with the theme of being reborn” he says, “It was a chance for me to start (...) Mehr anzeigen over.”

That start led directly to the new TIDALWAVE EP release "1992" , a collection of songs that achieves Dean’s stated goal of creating a musical tidal wave that overwhelms listeners with power, heaviness, and emotions. The sound is a fresh take on what made alternative rock great in the first place, namely big grinding riffs, memorable songs, and deeply personal lyrics. The record was mixed by American producer Jamie King (Between the Buried and Me), who also mixed the band’s first EP. The title single “1992” has over three million views on YouTube and shows no sign of slowing down.

TIDALWAVE has been on a long journey since first emerging in the U.K. in 2008. The band has evolved and endured to see it's time in Germany, which began in 2014, become its best period yet. TIDALWAVE has played the best rock clubs in Germany, touring with international acts such as SKILLET, TREMONTI and BLACK MAP. This new music will move the band closer to the bigger and better goals it carries and also paves the way for the full-length recording slated to drop in 2018. Fans of Breaking Benjamin and Sick Puppies will latch on to "1992" , as will anyone who craves the real rock and roll experience. Spin it and see if you qualify.

"TIDALWAVE has gone from being just another alternative rock band to a band that I hear a good deal of significance in." rockreviewphil.wordpress.com

"There’s a lot of power and emotion packed into each tune, and the lyrics show impressive complexity and depth." realrockandroll.wordpress.com

"TIDALWAVE have assembled a selection of alternative anthems that manage to remain remarkably melodic all the way through" puremzine.com

"1992 is an excellent release from the band with powerful vocals, soaring and heavy guitar riffs mixed with pounding drums"
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