Progressive Rock - Melodic Rock - Prog Rock aus Wuppertal, seit 2008


Label: RecordJet   Management/Booking: management@tightland.de


Hopefully: Next Gig 26.9. Gummersbach - Halle32 /Gigbox !
Mit unserem aktuellen LineUp, neuem Material und Benni an den Vocals !
Wir sind sehr happy, das WDR2 unsere aktuelle Single "Someone should" gespielt hat, dazu guter Airplay bei diversen Online-Radiostationen.
Die Band ist inspiriert von Gruppen wie U2, Coldplay, Porcupine Tree, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Muse, Steven Wilson und Marillion.
In der Januar Ausgabe 2017 des RockHard Magazins ist Tightland zur Eigenproduktions des Monats gekürt worden.
Dynamic, melodic, powerful
The Rock Band TIGHTLAND goes for these attributes.
Inspired by Bands like U2, Coldplay, Porcupine Tree,Peter Gabriel, Tool, Muse, Steven Wilson and of course Marillion -
TIGHTLAND combines elements of all kind of rock music styles.
Alternative, symphonic, epic or (...) Mehr anzeigen melodic
As different the musicians are, as individual is their sound.
The name of the Band is an ironic allusion to open up the mind and give room all fancys, music influences and personalities.
All musicians unite the interest in good handmade music, teamwork and their intensive experience in and with other Bands.
Motivation is their music, haunting melodies and songs with profound messages are stylish implemented in orchestral song buildings.
Powerful rock guitar sounds, orchestral and various keyboard themes, driving drums & bass lines and the powerful and unique, sometimes also soft or fragile voice of a charismatic frontman complete an extraordinary composition of rock music.
The songs are consistently handmade and often created with all members during jam sessions in their own rehearsal room with an affiliated recording room.
In summer 2016 Tightland has published their debut album "Marmeladium" under Recordjet Label, carefully & great STEM-Mastered by Eroc at EMR (Ex-Grobschnitt).
"Album of the month / Eigenproduktion im Rockhard 01/2017.
In Febuary 2018 they haved released a brandnew powerfull chart single called "SOMEONE SHOULD",
which hopefully given our progressive rock style a chance to get airplay at the radiostations.
Really awesome and professionally mixed and mastered by the "Heyday Studios", thanks Andi !!! Weniger anzeigen


Markus Stone

Gitarrist, Komponist, Soundtechniker

Malte Beckamp


Carsten Hausberg

Keyboarder, Pianist

Silvio Bischoff



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