Singer /Songwriter aus Mainz, seit 2008

Label: RecordJet


Surrounded by sound since early childhood, TimsDepartment exudes the eponymous singer‘s love of all things melodic. Nevertheless, writing songs did not come easy to this Mainz-based folkster – "it was a really hard process for me – initially, one song took more than two months". However, his current sensitive solo venture does not make Tim a "Lonely Traveler" - he also enjoys plenty of on-stage interaction with bands like Cordless (until 2010) and 300 Gramm.
if you like handmade acoustic pop music with folk influences then i'm your man. There are a lot of ideas in my head and i really want to show it, play it, tell it. so be part of my lifetime story.
At the moment i'm working on a new album called "I'm Off" this is my first soloproject-album so keep in touch for getting it.
Lifehouse, The (...) Mehr anzeigen Script, Ben Howard, Ed Sheeran, Augustana, Ray LaMontagne, Jason Mraz Weniger anzeigen


Tim Fischer

Sänger, Gitarrist


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