Nomadic Rock / Acoustic Rock / Folk Rock / Mongolian World Music aus Peking, seit 2014


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TULEGUR is a modern nomad music duo, rooted in traditional tunes of Inner Mongolia (Mongolian part of China) and influenced by contemporary music. Their sound is a great mixture of traditional Mongolian music, acoustic rock, throat-singing (also known as "Khoomei") and electronic music. This combination results in a unique style which some described as “ethnic post-rock” or “psychedelic nomadic rock”. Within two years they went on several extended tours in China, India, Europe and also Australia/New Zealand where they gained overwhelming reactions by the audience. Especially in Australia and New Zealand, they appeared on iTunes Top 200 World Music Charts with peak at #8 in Australia, #1 for 3 days in New Zealand and #1 in Switzerland within two days!
Vocalist and acoustic guitar player Gan (...) Mehr anzeigengzi was educated in classical music and opera, and his voice is trained for a broad range of throat singing. Once he first encountered the traditional singing style Khoomei it had such an impact on him, he started to study this ancient vocal form in a self-teaching mannor. Attracted by modern music, Gangzi moved from Inner Mongolia to Beijing to perform and compose. A year later, he returned to his hometown, Hulun Buir, where he spent time with local nomads to learn and experience the depth of Mongolian cultural traditions. This nomadic experience became a revelation in his life and helped him to find his own music style. After years of solo performances, Gangzi has achieved remarkable success all around China and worldwide. Gangzi started to collaborate with different artists from 2014 which enriched the landscape of his music. The participation of the multi-instrumentalist Eddi since early 2018 not only fits in like a fist to the eye but also creating a whole new vibe on top of Tulegur's unique sound.
Gangzi - vocals, acoustic guitar
Eddi - bass, electric guitar, samples
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