Dream Spirit

Classical Chinese folklore on melodic heavy metal, Chinese folk metal aus Peking, seit 2007


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Dream Spirit arose at the foot of the secrete mountain Taishan in China where the Confucian influence is inevitable. In their melodic heavy metal with a strong notion on traditional Chinese antiquity there's always heroism of roaming knights in the lyrical theme. The sonorous clear vocals of the lead singer and the twin guitars' dazzling solos bounce back and forth on top of the riffs that are heavier than Taishen Mountain. 2014: debut album; 2015: Wacken Metal Battle; 2016: V-Rox Festival in Vladivostok and Busan Rock Festival in South Korea. 2017: they released the second major output as a concept album, where each song enjoys its own qualitative singularity.
2014 Mountains and Rivers - Album
2015 Ancient Poems - EP
2016 Live on Wacken - Live Album/DVD
2017 General Triumphan (...) Mehr anzeigent - Album
Notable concerts:
2015: Wacken Open Air - Metal Battle, Ragnarock Open Air, Germany, div. Midi Festival in China;
2016: V-Rox Festival in Vladivostok, Busan Rock Festival in South Korea, div. Midi Festival in China, B:EAST Fest in Beijing;
2017: 30+ dates extensive tour across China, div. Midi Festival in China, B:EAST Fest + 330 Metal Festival in Beijing, Yoga Kun Festival in Guiyang, 9th Zhangbei Festival, ;
2018: Metal Days Festival, Chaostraum Open Air, Slowianska Noc Folk Metalowa, Novi Sad Youth Fair
Schecter Guitars + Bass, Firce Cymbals, Dixon Drums, MOOCR, JOYO, Raxikol
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