melodic deathe metal aus Peking, seit 2003


Management/Booking: Painkiller Magazine/Productions


Die From Sorrow, a leading melodic death metal band in China. The band was formed in 2003, and achieved a increasing number of fan base throughout the stages of music festivals and live-houses. During the year of 2011, Die From Sorrow earned the champion of heavy metal competition of the well-known Wacken Metal Music Festival in the China region. The band was announced to be the ‘The Best Heavy Metal Band of 2016’ by the famed Midi Music Festival. Die From Sorrow strongly influenced the metalheads in China by the album ‘Lords of the Alien Sea’ and gained high reputation and honor. In 2018 they succeeded to win the title of World Winner among winner bands from 30 countries at the global band competition "Metal Battle" by Wacken Open Air.

Line Up:
Lead Singer/Guitar:Martin Lau
Vocal/Guita (...) Mehr anzeigenr:RuiXin Zhang
Vocal/Bass :Jason Koo
Drum:Jiahao Lee

Performance Summary:
2018 Suzhou + Shenzhen + Qinzhou Midi Music Festival
2018 W:O:A Metal Battle World Winner!
Holy Metal Holidays
2017 Suzhou, Shenzhen,Shantou Midi Music Festival
2017 DFS ‘Lords of the Alien Sea’ China Tour ···
2016 Suzhou + Shenzhen Midi Music Festival
First City Strawberry Festiva
DFS ‘Lords of the Alien Sea’ Special Beijing
DFS ‘Lords of the Alien Sea’ China Tour
2010—2015 ‘Journey Of Sadness’ China Tour
Guest of Dark Tranquility’s China Tour in Beijing
Guest of Omnium Gatherum’ China Tour in Beijing
Beijing + Zhenjiang Midi Music Festival
Beijing Strawberry Music Festival
Zhangbei Music Festival
Oujiang Music Festival
Others Number of 330 Metal Music Festival Number of ‘Metal Festival’ Number of shows in Live-houses

2017-now Partner artists with Line 6 (Digime China)
2016-now Spokesman for ErnieBall Music Man
2015-now Spokesman for DIMARZIO
2014-now Bassist- Shengjun Gu signed the spokesman for TECH21 and DEAN
2012-2014 Spokesman for ESP/LTD
2012-now Spokesman for ErnieBall Guitar/Bass Strings
2012-now Spokesman for Chang Cymbal
2013-now The cables for live shows and studios are provided by KIRLIN
2012-now Lead guitar- Ruixin Zhang signed the spokesman for pedal bag brand- MARS
Sept, 2013 Spokesman for MOTORHEAD headphones
2012 Guitarists Ruixin Zhang and Bin Liu signed contracts with HND Amp, and video demonstrations of signature amps
2011 The costume is provided by LUCIFERDARK

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