Until September

Metal aus Kevelaer, seit 2009



Until September is a metalcore band from Cologne and Kevelaer, Germany, formed in September 2009 by 6 young men.

In November 2013 the band released their second EP “Of Hope And Faith” digitally via Acuity.Music (Vitja, Light Your Anchor, Storyteller). The songs were mixed by Aljoscha Sieg (Pitchback Studios) and mastered by Brian Hood (456 Recordings).

Since the beginning the band played several shows and festivals with bands like AYS, His Statue Fall, Ready Set Fall!, Cyrcus, The Green River Burial, The Setup, Deadlock or Vitja in front of 10 in a youth centre up to 1000 people at a sold out festival.

With the interplay of the two shouters and the part technical, part melodic guitar riffs in combination with all the energy and passion on stage, Until September bridges the gap between t (...) Mehr anzeigenhe metal and hardcore scene – escpecially at their live shows.

At the moment Until September is working on their first Full Length. Weniger anzeigen


Maik Krause



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