Yannick Weineck

Psychedelic Techno with influences from classical music that aims to touch your core. aus Berlin, seit 2012



The claim that I have of my music is that it touches your and my core.
My tracks and sets are like a journey through a long forgotten world, settling in our mere reality in an instant. Join me and it will be a flood of impressions. Though keep in mind that as soon as you travel with me, there is no way back.
As an autodidactic, I taught myself everything I know about producing music and spinning records in clubs.
Growing up in Berlin, I always had a direct link to the underground music scene and it's colorful facets. Initially coming from the hip hop milieu, in 2012 at the age of 15 years, I started producing electronic music. In 2014 I first started Djing. After experimenting with various styles and genres, in 2016 I decided to found the independent label "dasMoment" with two friends and (...) Mehr anzeigensettled on a deep and psychedelic sound.
My most admired artists are Umek, Keith Carnal, Thomas Schumacher, Astrix and Beethoven. Weniger anzeigen


Yannick Weineck

Producer, DJ


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