Thrash Metal aus Abensberg, seit 2006


Label: This Charming Man Records   Management/Booking: x-why-z Konzertagentur

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Since the release of their latest album “Madness Unleashed”, ANTIPEEWEE has been a German Thrash Metal insider tip. Now, they are about to release their new album “Infected by Evil”, a gloomy compendium of nine songs, taking away their leitmotif – the unholy world of science fiction and horror created by the U.S.-American author H.P. Lovecraft, to new and unfathomable realms.
ANTIPEEWEE merge the delusional ideas of Lovecraft with their music, rattling at undiscovered gates with thundering and aggressive rhythms, anthemic and beseeching chants and their original in-your-face-attitude. Without losing the ground beneath their feet, their lyrics tell stories of other-worldly divinities, earthly spectres or an omnipresent malignancy, depicting the horrors of our modern times.
“Infected by Evil (...) Mehr anzeigen” not only shows us a more ruthless and diabolical side of ANTIPEEWEE – it’s also a personal milestone for the band, who have finally found the path into the inscrutable temples of Lovecraft’s old creatures and are now having a really good time there. Weniger anzeigen


Anti Peewee


Alexander Schott

Sänger, Bassist, Songwriter, Komponist, Texter


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