War Agenda

Thrash Metal aus Sinsheim, seit 2012



War Agenda has been formed in may 2012 by Nils and Ingo. Some weeks later they
found with Hamdi and Marsel two more band members. After writing a couple of songs, Joe finally joined in January 2013 and the lineup was complete.
Beginning of May 2013, War Agenda recorded their first 3-song demo which was released in june. In the end of 2014, after a lot of gigs (w/ HIRAX, Bonded by Blood, Nuclear, Tankard, Dust Bolt, Cripper...) the band started to record their debut album “Night of Disaster” which was released in October 2015 via MDD-Records/Alive.
Punchy, melodic & right in your face - oldschool Thrash Metal with renewed enthusiasm !


Joe DT



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