Born To Hula

Psychedelic Stoner Fuzz Rock aus Weimar, seit 2006



Sounds like they say...
2009: "Sunrise Radio" 10" Vinyl:
StonerRock.com | reviewed by John Pegoraro
"No, the surprise on "Sunrise Radio" is how well they pull off their Low Weimar Punk. Sure, the band may wear its primary influence on its sleeve, but that doesn’t stop the songs from chugging along with deep, soulful grooves. In fact, I’d say that five of the six deliver the essentials - good riffs, rhythms, and vibes."
RockTribune | reviewed by Paul van de Gehuchte (translated excerpt)
"They sound exactly the same as Queens Of The Stone Age and Brant Bjork And The Bros. But they do so with style!"
ConcreteWeb.be | reviewed by Cosmicmasseur
"As the title of this German band implies, "Born to Hula" are more than a little familiar with Josh Homme’s Queens Of The Stoneage. I guess they spin at (...) Mehr anzeigen home quite some discs by Che, Dozer, Fu Manchu… as that's what they most closely resemble. […] They manage to surprise me on "By the river" a decent attempt at a Brant Bjork-groove and the instrumental "Midnight radio" proving that they have their songwriting chops together."
2006: "Sunset Radio" CD-R:
Bad Acid Magazine Tab VII | reviewed by Kelly-Lee
"They Sound like their influences but that..s a good thing with a little bit of Karma to Burn thrown in for good measure. "Marrakech Trippin.." is a storming tune with a really dirty guitar. Nice. Born to Hula have all the musical ability to turn into a great fucking band. This EP is pretty cool. Not including the intro, "Sunset Radio" is a 3-track cd packaged in the best cover. The cardboard is sewn together and has a good 70s brown and orange theme with lovely blue flowers going on. I like it."
Whiskey-Soda Music Magazine | reviewed by Demon Cleaner
"Die Band startet ihren Stonerrock-Reigen mit dem instrumentalen Tempowechsler Marrakech Trippin.. und begibt sich damit in die Riege von Bands wie Karma To Burn und RotoR, die Tempo und Rhythmus wechseln wie andere Leute ihre Socken […] Das stark nach 70er Jahre riechende Pril-Blumen-Artwork der Flower-Power-Rocker kommt übrigens mit aufwendigem Stickaufsatz "Made in Jena" und die CD selbst mit schicker Vinyl-Imitation daher." Weniger anzeigen



Gitarrist, Sänger


Bassist, Keyboarder

  1. The Dark Song (Midnight Radio (EP), 2008)Kommentar
  2. Intro (Sunset Radio (EP), 2006)Kommentar
  3. Marrakech Trippin' (Sunset Radio (EP), 2006)Kommentar
  4. Follow Me (Sunset Radio (EP), 2006)Kommentar
  5. Silly Walk (Sunset Radio (EP), 2006)Kommentar

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