Captain Duff

Heavy Metal Death Punk Doom Rock aus Würzburg, seit 2007


The crawling chaos, the shadows that linger at the edge of sanity, the things that hide beneath the waves and under the froth-covered rocks - you surely need a drink or two to cope with these!
And CAPTAIN DUFF deliver the right soundtrack for drunk wasted nights and spineshaking nightmares: Heavy music heavily influenced by acts like Motörhead, Turbonegro, Smoke Blow, Pentagram, Zeke, Saxon and Mr Glenn Danzig himself. It is straight, yet massive, melodic while grooving old school-Heavy Metal-influenced ROCK with a punch of hardcore, one leg in 70s-tight-ass-pants and a stiff middle finger right in your face!

  1. Witchdoctor (Seaside Curse, 2009)Kommentar
  2. From Coast To Coast (Seaside Curse, 2009)Kommentar
  3. Stoneface (Seaside Curse, 2009)Kommentar
  4. Captain Duff (Herbipolitan Nightmare, 2007)Kommentar

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