Dawn Ahead

Thrash Metal aus Mainz, seit 2014

Label: Art Gates Records


Dawn Ahead

Actual LINE-UP:
Christian 'Chrischaan' Wilsberg (vocals)
Thomas Wolf (guitar)
Marcel Martin (guitar)
Patrick Samarzija (bass)
Jan Bechtloff (drums)

Dawn Ahead was originally founded between 2012 and 2014 by guitarist and songwriter Thomas Wolf,
Colombian bassist Alfonso "Pocho" Mejia, drummer Jan Bechtloff, guitarist and songwriter Marcel
Martin and vocalist Chrischaan Wilsberg.
First songs were written and recorded by themselves in their home studios. Shortly after, rehearsals
began. Dawn Ahead follows an unconventional style, which includes classic elements of Thrash Metal,
combined with modern sounds. The extremely versatile musical range of classical but very hard metal,
progressive elements, all the way to brutal Thrash and even some Death Metal influences (...) Mehr anzeigen, keeps
every metal fan on the edge of their seats.
In April 2014 Dawn Ahead released their self-titled 5 track EP.
On April 2018 the new 6-Track EP "A Trip Of Violence" was released. “A Trip Of Violence” turned out
to be much more aggressive than the first release.
In 2019 Bassist Alfonso "Pocho" Mejia left the Band to pursue his own professional future.
Alfonso “Pocho” Mejia was replaced by Patrick Samarzija in Summer 2020.
For 2021, Dawn Ahead have finally scheduled their first full-length album, tentatively titled “Fallen
Anthems”. The album features every Dawn Ahead trademark amped up to eleven. Extreme brutality,
neckbreaking riffs, soaring solos, yet still very catchy and anthemic, the song material sees the band
surpassing each of their former releases and deliver an untraditional, but exciting and wild ride through
everything you love about Metal!

2014 s/t (EP)
01. Out of Damnation 04:10
02. Hunter 03:58
03. Restless 04:25
04. Deliverance 06:03
05. Coming Home 04:19
total: 24:04 min.

2018 A Trip of Violence (EP)
01. Sinister Thoughts 04:03
02. A Trip Into The Dark 04:57
03. A Taste Of Violence 04:38
04. The Betrayal 06:36
05. Capturing Hell 04:50 (CD bonus)
06. The One And Only 04:32
total: 29:36 min.

2021 Fallen Anthems (LP)
01. Death Roll 01:08
02. State of Mind 04:46
03. Suffer 04:23
04. Anthem of the Fallen 06:29 05. I Command 05:14
06. Among the Blind 06:27
07. Shot at Dawn 06:42
08. All I have to Do 04:01
09. Pride 05:29
10. Summon the Black 09:47
11. Excess 04:24
total: 58:50 Weniger anzeigen




Jan Bechtloff



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