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DRAGONSFIRE is burning for metal!
Since 2005 the flame in the Rhein-Main-Area gets brighter and hotter. DRAGONSFIRE convinces with a powerful and entertaining live experience. You want Heavy Metal? You’ll get it here. Get yourself set on fire by the hard and rough sound of DRAGONSFIRE. Like an inferno the shouts of singer and bass player Thassilo Herbert will hit you. The driving and melodic riffs of the guitarists Oliver Brandt and Timo Rauscher make the fire even hotter and the up-tempo drumming of Jan Müller will heat you up. Then everybody will call: WE ARE BURNING FOR METAL!

In 2005 DRAGONSFIRE released their first record. The “Burning For Metal”-EP was soon sold out and is now again available by download (e.g. Amazon)
The following album “Visions Of Fire” was re (...) Mehr anzeigenleased in 2008 under Pure Steel Records and received excellent reviews by the international press.
In 2010 DRAGONSFIRE release their second full-length album called “Metal Service”. Again it is released under the Pure Steel Records label. Heavy metal as it was meant to be: Rough, fast, sometimes dirty, sometimes epic.
In 2013 the latest record "Speed Demon" is released via TTH Media. An 8-track mini-album with raw power and some extras that may surprise you! Check it out! Weniger anzeigen


Thassilo Herbert

Sänger, Bassist

Jan Müller


Timo Rauscher


Sebastian Bach


  1. Young & Wild (Metal X, 2014)Kommentar
  2. Speed Demon (Speed Demon, 2013)Kommentar
  3. My Mashed Insane Brain... (Metal Service, 2010)Kommentar
  4. Raging Fire (Metal Service, 2010)Kommentar
  5. Wings Of Death (Visions Of Fire, 2008)Kommentar
  6. Rockxxx (Visions Of Fire, 2008)Kommentar
  7. Black Dragon (Burning for Metal, 2005)Kommentar
  8. My World (Burning for Metal, 2005)Kommentar

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