Face Down Hero

Metal/Thrash aus Marburg, seit 2004



Since their founding in early 2004, Face Down Hero represent straight, modern metal. Face Down Hero are Kali Naumann (vocals, guitar), Jens Kelschenbach (guitar), Sebastian Rink (bass guitar), and Carsten Kachelmus (drums). Influenced by classic Bay Area thrash as well as more recent bands they manage to create a self-contained style and sound.

Carsten and Kali already have several released records and nationwide gigs with their former band Mind-Ashes to their names. Jens and Sebastian complete the line-up to a group of experienced musicians, all of them capable to translate their musical ideas into songs and performances.

Released in 2005 to the press exclusively, three-track demo-EP „Syndrome" is the Bands first sign of live. Though well received by dozens of magazines, Face Down Hero (...) Mehr anzeigendecide to leave it at that, to further refine their style.

In October 2006 the band signed a record deal with Yonah Records. In March 2007 the band has released their first full length CD with the title Opinion Converter.

This record was reviewed in nearly every relevant german metal magazine and this gaves the band the chance to play on more live events and Festival with acts like Disillusion, Fear my Thoughts, Disbelief, Eisregen, Skyclad etc.

In August 2007 Face Down Hero entered the Gernhart Studios in Siegburg/Germany to record their second album called Where all this anger grows.

This record shows the band from a more aggressiv and darker side than the debuet. For this record they could win again Kai Swillus (Metal Church, Holy Moses..) for the artwork.

In March 2008 the band released Where All This Anger Grows . The record got tons of great reviews and Face Down Hero could cement their reputation as a new hope for modern thrash made in germany.

In the beginning of 2009 the released their third album between 3 Years. It..s titeledOf Storytellers and Gunfellas - "they created a modern thrash metal monster which is their darkest and heaviest album so far.." was just one statement of the press that showed that Face Down Hero could make another big step.

This Album brought the Band a lot of new listeners and fans. The Album entered the Rock DJ Charts. In October the Band toured Germany together wih the Finland Nr. 1 Act Diablo.

In February 2010 Jens left the band after 5 years.

In March 2010 the band recordet her fourth album again in the Gernhart Studios.

In September 2010 Richard Müller joined the band and replaces Jens on guitar.

After some Gigs in the new line up the band decidet to make another line-up change at the guitar. So in August 2011 René Schütz (former Accu§er) replaced Richard Müller on guitars.

At the 26th of August the bands fourth album Divisions and Hierarchies hits the stores. Weniger anzeigen


Carsten Kachelmus


  1. Isolation (Divisions And Hierarchies, 2011)Kommentar
  2. The Art Of Silence (Divisions And Hierarchies, 2011)Kommentar
  3. Disposable Significance (Of Storytellers and Gunfellas, 2009)Kommentar
  4. My Fifteen Minutes (Of Storytellers and Gunfellas, 2009)Kommentar
  5. Bursting Evolution Kommentar

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