The music of GODSEND is like a good Tarantino movie. It's homage, not on movies but on Rock Music and has to be regarded as a puzzle which belongs of pieces of the Alternative Rock of the 90's -Pearl Jam - Rage against the Machine-, pieces of West Coast R aus Oberkirch, seit 2005

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The name of this rockband refers to the ambiguity of our generation.
We are an objectless generation withouth clear attitudes.

We try to stop the capitalist systems but on the other side we are supporting it with our materialism and are buying our smartphones and apple products.

We are furious and want to change the political world but our madness finds its expression in violence and chaos instead of forming a straight movement.

We don't want to be part of this society but we are in social networks and present our lifes to everybody.

We despise the system but we are enjoying the advantages and the modernization of it.

We're black, we're white.

We're good, we're bad.

We're heaven, we're hell.

We're godsent, we're God's end.

We're something in between.

We are GOD$END





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