Gum Bucket

Rock, Alternative/Independent aus Gronau, seit 2010


Label: CALYRA GmbH - Verlag & Medien


We are a northern german rock band of „best agers“ and we play our songs with a lot of love, a thick sound and loads of energy. We play live and loud with two rough guitars, a killer bass, a unique voice and a groo- vy drummer.
Founded back in 2010 with another drummer and an- other rhythm guitarist. The actual band members play together since the beginning of 2016. Since then, we played more than 40 live shows in northern Germany and the Netherlands.
Our songs vary in style and sound: from stoner rock to grunge, from alternative to power rock, from cross-over to garage rock. We destilled and processed the best out of 30 years of rock music into our own songs.
At the end of July 2018 we released our second album, named „CHANGES“, which reflects a lot of the things that happened to us in th (...) Mehr anzeigene last few years. After years of influencing, impressive personal experiences, loosing beloved people and friends, broken relationships and some really hard restarts these 10 tracks stand for a long, hard trip as a band and as human beeings. Finally, we managed all challenges and became stronger at all.
Our first Album „Happiness in Slavery“ was recorded back in 2015. Both full-lenght albums can be found on all popular streaming services and download plat- forms like iTunes, Amazon, SoundCloud or Spotify. Weniger anzeigen


Stefan Becker



Sänger, Gitarrist

Max Salamon


Uwe Kiehl


Andreas Hüging



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Aktuelle Gigangebote

Gum Bucket suchen 2te Band

Gum Bucket suchen 2te Band

15.01.2020, Don't Panic, Essen

15.01.2020, Essen
Don't Panic

Angebot von: Gum Bucket
Datum: Mittwoch, 15. Januar 2020, 20:00
Location: Don't Panic , 45127 Essen
Gesuchte Acts: Band
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Genre: Rock, Metal, Alternative/Independent, Punk/Hardcore
Ausgeschlossen: Pop, R'n'B/Soul/Black, Hip Hop/Rap, House/Dance
Freie Slots: 1
Gage: Doordeal/Gewinnbeteiligung
Kosten/P2P: Keine
Backline: Teilweise vorhanden, Rest nach Absprache

Gepostet am 29. Oktober 2019   5

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