Here We Stand

If Here We Stand were the bastard child from a sweaty Rock ’n’ Roll love affair, you would probably suspect the parents to be a cross between: Stone Sour, Muse and The Winery Dogs. Due to the lack of women that doesn’t add up too well. Amen. aus Münster, seit 2015


Label und Management: Mint Mosquito


Here We Stand are a Rock Band from Münster, Germany. Since late 2015 the power trio have been rocking local, and in 2017 even international, stages.

"We are rollin’ again, and it feels the same."
– from "Rollin’ Again" (2015)

Formed in the summer of 2015 Here We Stand showcased new material supporting the Asian folkmetalheads "Nine Treasures" the following winter. Most of 2016 was spent writing and recording their first EP "Ways". For late summer 2017 the band has gone all out with a headliner-worthy set, playing their first dates in China. In 2019 they released their second EP "Beyond".

"Here we stand and here we fall, history won't care at all."
– from "Hammer To Fall", Queen (1984)

The rhythm section, consisting of Golo Meierhenrich (Bass) and Kai Hölscher (Drums), honed their skill (...) Mehr anzeigens over 25 years together in several rock bands. During the full decade, in which their four-strong hard rock band "Ramrod" was alive, Sascha Bregenhorn entered the fold to take up guitar duties. When their singer quit the business, the remaining members decided to start over as a trio, leaving Sascha, the main song writer, as the new frontman.

The name Here We Stand refers to the relentless new start after years of rocking out together – and obviously to the first line of Queen’s "Hammer To Fall".

To enrich the well-proven Rock Sound, the band occasionally integrates spherical Synthesizer elements into the songs. Influenced by bands such as Rush and Thirty Seconds To Mars, Golo and Sascha additionally play the keyboards live. Furthermore, Kai and Golo are not only responsible for the background vocals, but take over lead vocals on a few songs.

"The multi-instrumental line-up offers opportunities we didn't have before. It’s pretty obvious in the songwriting process, since there are always a lot more ideas at hand than we could channel into songs."
– Sascha

In late 2017 this concept has been taken on the road. The main eye catcher was a mini tour through China in September / October 2017 alongside their fellow local heroes "The Ignition". The trip took Here We Stand to the most renowned live clubs in Shanghai, Beijing and Wuhan. Weniger anzeigen


Sascha Bregenhorn

Sänger, Gitarrist, Synthesizerspieler

Golo Meierhenrich

Bassist, Sänger, Gitarrist, Synthesizerspieler

Kai Hölscher

Schlagzeuger, Sänger


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