Reggae, Latin, World, Pop, Rock, Singer Songwriter aus München, seit 2000




We all are rich people
The 8 musicians of Jamaram don’t beat around the bush: get on and play is their way. Jamaram is no canned sound but 8 characters, 8 heads fired with high tension and a constant urge to keep moving - always on the road. 130 concerts in 2008 are a testimony to the incredible energy of the band.

Only this year they've appeared in major venues in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as support for „Reamonn“ and "Babylon Circus", and their own tours have taken them right across Europe and on into Africa.

On March 27th 2009 Jamaram’s album „LIVE“ was released. Bringing you to the heart of the Party - a celebration of friends, fans & family - that infectious optimism and irrepressible joy that is the essence of every Jamaram gig.

On March 26th 2010 Jamaram's fif (...) Mehr anzeigenth full-length regular album "JAMELEON" will be released - influenced by their experiences in Uganda, handholding with their friends and long time-cpmpanios on their way around the globe.

In 2010, Jamarm will tour extensiveliy in Europe and Brazil.

UNDERWAY: musically, linguistically and in real life. That’s Jamaram; that's their window to the world.

Jamaram / „Jamaram in Dub“ / Release: 15th April 2011

Jamaram concerts are a blast. Their unique mix of every style that grooves and moves has brought countless festival and club visitors to sheer ecstasy. But the band also knows how to be subtle, as proven on their new album "Jamaram in Dub" which is just as driving and indulging as the four previous albums.

Reggae is the main foundation that the eight musicians use as a base, whilst constantly utilizing influences to further enrich their sound. The album "Jameleon" is a good example for the incredible impact that Africa had on the Jamaram Band. Other bands don't often succeed in molding such a variety of genres into a homogenous soundscape. "Jamaram in Dub" takes it to the next level by remixing the Jamaram-Sound completely in Dub.

This really shows the musical quality of the band, because Dub doesn't strictly mean reduction to only Drum & Bass. It leaves room for a focus on detail that the listener might miss in "regular" songs. Fans of the previous albums will experience their favorite songs in brand new arrangements. "Newcomers" will have an album that plays with all facets of Dub and will possibly be introduced to a new world of sound.

The typical if not trade mark versatility of the band is proven once again on "Jamaram in Dub". Carried by a constant reggae groove the remixes lead you through very differentiated styles and epochs of Dub. "Jamaram in Dub" contains everything that Dub has to offer. From reminiscences of the early Jamaican masters with their crazy delay-frenzies to psychedelic influences all the way to the steppers-style of the "British School". And so the album is good for contemplation, for the lounge, but it works just as well in the clubs, giving the sub-woofers plenty of work as well as the dancers in the dancehall.

The fourteen tracks are made up of a selection of carefully handpicked songs from the last four albums and three brand-new songs (What Do You Mean Dub, Just A Little Dub, Hookah Dub). Mixed by the devoted and loyal Jamaram-producer Umberto Echo who set new standards for Dub-music in Germany with his albums "Dubtrain" and "Dub the World". Now he has helped his fellow colleagues of Jamaram to move to a brand new sound dimension.

"Jamaram in Dub" was released on April 15th 2011 by Echo Beach

Manager: Koko
Booking Agent: Soulfire Artists

Artists We Also Like:Babylon Circus, Jahcoustix, Schein, Les Babacools and many more...Influences:Manu Chao, Sergant Garcia, Jack Johnson, Ben Harper


Current Location: Munich, Monaco, München! Weniger anzeigen


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