Metalcore aus Limburg, seit 2009

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Kaocide 2018: Hard, melodious, spherical and with much blood, sweat & tears! The Band was founded in 2010 in Limburg an der Lahn (Germany) and stands since then for a enthusiastic sound, which represents the band members’ versatile musical influences. The generic term „Metalcore“ serves yet as the best description, even though trips to other genres are made regularly and always off the beaten paths. The first EP „Adrenaline“ was already released in 2011 and gave the band the opportunity to play several shows in clubs and festivals, supporting bands like Caliban, We Butter The Bread With Butter, Born From Pain, Illdisposed or Myra. That year the band also participated in the final of Germanys biggest band contest. The second EP „Arcadian Dreams“ has been published in 2014. Music Video-Produ (...) Mehr anzeigenctions of „Devotion“ and „Feuertaufe“ came with the release of „Arcadian Dreams“. All in all, the band played over 40 shows so far. Between 2015-2017 Kaocide took a creative break in order to establish a new line-up with the new vocalist Max, bassist Jan und drummer Moritz. In autumn 2018, the band will release a new EP - stay tuned! Weniger anzeigen


Maximilian Hardt




  1. Hail To The King Kommentar
  2. Set Me Free (Arcadian Dreams EP, 2014)Kommentar
  3. Devotion (Re-Mastered) (Arcadian Dreams EP, 2014)Kommentar
  4. His Favourite Game (Arcadian Dreams EP, 2014)Kommentar
  5. Feuertaufe (Re-Mastered) (Arcadian Dreams EP, 2014)Kommentar
  6. Floating In The River (Arcadian Dreams EP, 2014)Kommentar
  7. Arcadian Dreams (Arcadian Dreams EP, 2014)Kommentar

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