Merely Minds

Pop, Rock aus Berlin, seit 2019


Merely minds is a Berlin based band with a Moto of: Be who you are!

Our Band invites all our listeners to laugh, cry, dance and sing along.When we play it is impossible to stand still. Delivering wild fashion and spirited performances, Merely Minds inspires everyone to be proudly themselves.With our Pop-Rock songs spiced with different influences and beats ranging from ballad to uptempo, the music remind us all that the most important thing in life is to own who we are.

​The best friend relationship between the Brazilian musicians, Italy and Portugal warms the stage , completing each others performance as we live and express our dreams through groovy bass [ by Emidio], rocking rhythm & lead guitar riffs [by Gaylor Ricciardi], wild drums [by Lucas Worisch] expressive keyboards + Sound Fxs (...) Mehr anzeigen [by Marlon] and soaring solid and inspiring vocals {by Dan Perry].

Founded in 2019, Merely Minds loves to play live and we adapt well to any kind of event being seeing often at open airs, festivals, acoustic concerts, bars and other artistic & entertainment opportunities.
We are looking forward to share our emotions and feelings within an open minded audience that holds the thoughts, emotions and believes in a harmonic peaceful united community.
"We are the most beautiful soul" of our society! Weniger anzeigen


Daniel Perry



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