Ozaka Bondage

Breakbeat/Drum'n'Bass aus Frankfurt, seit 2010



Now what the hell does that mean? Ozaka Bondage – it`s when life screws you and love leaves its marks, the news just suck and you`re about to scream your lungs out, because the`ve just played that same stupid song on the radio that they used for the toilet seat commercial you hate so much.

Its when you go out to forget all that crap and then there`s this band-kinda-visual-kinda-performance-borderline-guys who just throw it all back in your face. Yeah, first it hurts a little... and then you beg for more! Ozaka Bondage is the pleasure of self restriction, of beeing a part of that stupid digital age we all love so much! It`s also a great song by Naked City, listen to it. NOW!

You`re back? Good. Got it now? Stupid! Ozaka Bondage is when three forces colide in the most unusual musical const (...) Mehr anzeigenellation ever known to mankind. Period. It`s E-Ve, a russian crash test dummy of the traditional song – with a deep passion for lyrics, rhyme and blood. It`s E-Vo, the beat machine from Germany, construction worker of the dadaistic spoken word and hunter of the unheard sound scape and drum pattern. And it`s Aliz Punk, the man from the cyber Zone, your stalker through the land of images, stereotypes and epic scenery, who has NOTHING to do with Banksy.

But don`t believe that stupid text you`re reading! Here`s what the INTERNET sais:
"Ozaka Bondage is the greatest band that has ever walked the planet. They combine visual culture and kick ass dance and shout music to a performance that makes your balls tingle (applies to women also)".

And here`s what the band sais:
"We will launch our own Eau de Cologne soon, cause that`s what art is all about."
Useless! Weniger anzeigen


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