Pink Lint

Alternative/Independent aus Berlin, seit 2006



Pink Lint is the Berlin based songwriter Oliver Burghardt. Before and during the pandemic Oliver worked on a new album with long time collaborator David Hoffmann … to be released in 2021.

2014 saw the release of Pink Lint's label debut "You might lose a few Teeth but it's fun" which was recorded and performed with a six piece band. After the band dissolved in 2015 Oliver turned to friend and producer David Hoffmann to record new songs in 2017. With a more minimalist approach than its predecessor the new album focuses on Oliver's voice and lyrics. The themes range from destructive procrastination to pensioners jumping from balconies to Schrödinger's cat to horses standing on rugs ... sometimes told through imaginative scenes, other times brutally direct. "Don't pull the Rug from under your (...) Mehr anzeigen Horse" was released on November 23, 2018 via Listenrecords. Weniger anzeigen


Oliver Burghardt



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