Progressive Rock aus Zürich, seit 2002


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Prismas sound isn't only progressive-rock. They love working on new ideas and letting these ideas flow into their songs.

The songs have a lot of technical finesses, psychedelic, hypnotic melodies, but they always keep their toughness. Their different influences and their presence can capture anyone.

The compact and powerful connection between the musicians and the striking songwriting are the bands trademarks.


After a half a year of working intensively with each other,
Prisma gave their first concert in autumn 2002. The feedback was very positive.

They tried competing in different music-contests. At the end of 2003 Prisma won a newcomer-bandcontest in Baden, Switzerland. They were competing against 40 other bands. A lot of magazines published the happening which mad (...) Mehr anzeigene them more famous in that area.
They ended up going to Tuzla (Bosnia) to give a concert.
At a lot of different open-airs they were able to work
intensively on their presence. Their fanconnections expanded.

The songmaterial that they worked on for the last two years,
turned out to be the first longplayer in year 2006.
The debutalbum called Collusion includes 12 songs and was
recorded and mixed by the band itself. They worked with musicians from the opera in Zürich, who gave some songs a special touch.
Howie Weinberg mastered the CD in New York. He's worked with
names like Mars Volta, Smashing Pumpkins and The Young Gods.

There's no doubt that the quartet from Aargau is a breathtaking live-band. They've been able to prove that to their fans at concerts where they played before Gotthard, Waltari, Atomic Bitchwax, Favez and other bands.

Live they work with a formation called "Pixel Punx". They work on the creative visual part on stage, which makes the live-act even more interesting. Weniger anzeigen

  1. Epigone (You name it, 2012)Kommentar
  2. 8 (You name it, 2012)Kommentar
  3. Seceder (You name it, 2012)Kommentar
  4. Over bodies and cases Kommentar
  5. Paragon Kommentar
  6. Glide in Kommentar

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