rome asleep

Dance! Dance! Dance! aus Mannheim, seit 2004


“In der Matrix zwischen Punk, Kunst und Krach-Rock wird hier gegen alle Genre-Gartentüren gepinkelt und allen Konformisten ins Gesicht gespuckt. Elitär? Keine Ahnung, aber unzeitgemäß!”

"Basslines grinding on your eardrums, while your brain is turned upside down by frenzy drumbeats. Guitar and voice are completing this orgasmic performance with their razor-like riffs and spittings. The songs express the boredom of todays’ life and breathe the nervousness of completely disappointed youth. Though inspired by such revolutionists as the sex pistols, birthday party or even James Brown, Rome Asleep is a fusion of different styles but stays punk after all. Excommunicated out of nearly every scene and a black sheep to the “stare-and-clap” crowds, the band might be hated or misunderstood but they’ (...) Mehr anzeigenll stick on you like an unwanted love-bite. Having Hieronymus in mind, who said in 409, “What will remain, if Rome falls?” Rome asleep made their devils pact and fuck the clubs since 2004 incessantly. " Weniger anzeigen

  1. Our Future Seems So Fucking Cold (Rome Asleep, 2005)Kommentar
  2. Der Geile Neue (Rome Asleep, 2005)Kommentar
  3. Love Syndrome (Rome Asleep, 2005)Kommentar
  4. Soul Machine (Rome Asleep, 2005)Kommentar
  5. Swing Heil (Rome Asleep, 2005)Kommentar
  6. The Brutal One (Rome Asleep, 2005)Kommentar
  7. The Groovy One (Rome Asleep, 2005)Kommentar
  8. Young And Fucked Up (Rome Asleep, 2005)Kommentar

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