The Dark

Catchy vocals, fuzz guitars, rock/stoner drums, gritty bass aus Berlin, seit 2015



The Dark is a Berlin based rock music project originating in Los Angeles, CA in 2015.
‘Fronted by singer/guitarist/producer Brandon Ashley, The Dark is a sort of “Muscle Car” of alternative rock, a sound machine that leaves no way out.’ - System Failure Magazine.
The Dark music will remind you of bands like ‘The Killers’, ‘White Stripes’, ‘Foo Fighters’, ‘She Wants Revenge’. Their rhythmic section it’s formed by a big, heavy drums sound coming from the stoner school with sexy bass lines performed with a total punk attitude. High gain guitar riffs will introduce you to a wall of fuzz creating a perfect pad for Brandon’s gritty, melodic vocals that will get immediately stuck in your head.
The Dark debut album ‘Live. Create. Destroy’ is set to be released on May 3rd 2018, which is singer Bran (...) Mehr anzeigendon Ashley’s birthday.
“With this record I’m taking you back to the darkest years of my life where nothing made sense aside from pain and self-destruction. I wish to share these words and music so other people out there going through the same path could get inspired and find a way out.” - Singer Brandon Ashley.
“Live. Create. Destroy.” contains eleven tracks recorded, mixed and mastered by singer Brandon Ashley / DTuned MPG at his penthouse studio in Berlin, Kreuzberg.
With this record The Dark brings back elements of 90’s rock, showcasing a consistent sound throughout the entire album. The new record welcomes Christian Eigner of Depeche Mode as a special guest on the song ‘Product’.
Word of mouth and press both agree nothing out there sounds like The Dark, making this act one of the hottest and freshest rising from the shadow of Berlin.
With over 35K followers on their social media profiles, The dark has been honored to perform with Peter Murphy (Bauhauss), Iron Maiden, Orgy, Wednesday 13, Static X.
The Dark have worked among the others with legendary producer Tim Palmer who mixed their first single “Teenage Angst”.
On March 19th 2018 The Dark releases a cover for ‘Crucify” by Tori Amos available for streaming on Soundcloud and free download on their website. The band is currently booking shows for 2018.
Live Line Up:
- Brandon Ashley (Vocals, Guitar)
- Adrian Gray (Bass, Back up Vocals)
- Kris Fiore (Guitar, Back up Vocals)
- Dam (Drums) Weniger anzeigen


Brandon Ashley

Sänger, Gitarrist, Pianist, Bassist, Producer, Songwriter, Soundtechniker, Digital-DJ


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