The Matter Of China

Melodic Metalcore aus Fulda, seit 2012


Label: 7us Media Group / 7hard


TMOC is the product of five Metal-Freaks gathered to create the most headcrashing Metalcore Music at all which comes straight from their souls. Playing live for the people with the guarantee for a mass impact is the greatest good for them. The source of this brute energy they convert can be found in the knowledge about the grievances burdening all our lives day by day. The guys are mostly found best mooded and charming with a sight on the positivities. It’s their message – stay positive, hold on – which prevents the audiences from drowning too deep into our sick world.

In spring 2016 they released their debut album ZILA which was produced in Verona (IT) and distributed by the label 7hard.
In according to the great success playing at With Full Force Festival 2016 TMOC redefined their objec (...) Mehr anzeigentives. The band consolidates its style and sound to reach a higher level. During this phase, the guys produced their song Castle on the hill (Ed Sheeran metal cover) which was published in spring 2017. The Matter Of China is right now working on the next release. Weniger anzeigen


Philipp Höfling

Schlagzeuger, Sänger

Marcel Pietschker


Christopher Then

Sänger, Bassist

Pascal Sickau


Eugen Tmoc



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