The Voyager Project

Progressive Organic Electronic Music / Elektro Rock / Elektro / Elektro House / Berlin School / Ambient Rock aus Köln, seit 1987



THE VOYAGER PROJECT is a progressive organic electronic music, overall project, work of the art, progressive, creative, dynamic, unconventional and crossover as the music itself.
We set high musical standards again and have earned a very good reputation. With our three hour live program full of power, depth, spheres, rhythms, and video animation the audience will forget time.
THE VOYAGER PROJECT – Music and Multimedia. Let yourself be tempt by the emotional of music, lighting and video animations.
THE VOYAGER PROJECT mixes alongside the traditional elements of electronic music, a variety of different styles, such as Rock, Blues, House, Trance and elements of classical music.The result is a dynamic grooving music that is not easily categorized correctly, the most commutes with the dynamics (...) Mehr anzeigenand power between a light breeze and autumn storm.
'Turn Of An Unexpected Way' live album (2020) comming soon
'Sphere' musical album (2020) comming soon
'Stratosphere' extended single (2020)
'electric avenue' album (2019) - ?
'Never Stop' single (2018) - Feiyr
'On My Side' single (2017)
'Really' Siingle (2017) - Feiyr
'Partout' Single (2017) - Feiyr
'Another Dimension' Single (2013), - TVP Art & Music Group
'Can You Feel It' Single (2013), - TVP Art & Music Group
'Sound Of The Machines' Single & Video (2013), - TVP Art & Music Group
'EDITION ELECTRONIQUE - The legend remastered' (2012), - TVP Art & Music Group
'EVOLUTION' (2012), - TVP Art & Music Group
'Dance Tracks 2012' (2012), - TVP Art & Music Group
'MACRO' (2011), - TVP Art & Music Group
'Aquatique' (2007), - Ohrenlust
'Edition Electronique' (2006) album - Ohrenlust
'Cat goes Hip Hop' (2002), - Cat Music
'Xpect Christmas' (2001), - Cat Music
'The Millenium Compilation' (2000), - Cat Music
'All U can get' (1998), - copyrightcontrol
'Impressions' (1987) , - copyrightcontrol
Releases on compilations:
'New Disco Experiences' (2018)
'Disco Invasion' (2018)
'Big Dance Themes' (2018)
'Various Artists - Electro Trak Fashion' (2014), - House Place Records
'200 Workout, Fitness, Aerobic Music Tracks' (2013), - Sports Audio Tools
‘The Metal Rock Summer Festival’ (2013), – Dedust Black
‘Running, Walking, Fitness Tracks’ (2013), – Sports Audio Tools
'Dancing Workout Vol.1' (2013), - Sports Audio Tools
‘Big Dance Tunes’ (2012), – Dance All Days Digital
'Elecktro Trak Fashion' (2013), - House Place Music
'The Progressive Rock Riders' (2013), - Pop Rock Camp Music
'Big Dance Tunes' (2012), - Dance All Days Digital
'Workout Trainer Dance' (2012), - Sportage Digital
'Work Out Music 2012' (2012), - Sportage Digital
'101 Dance Hits' (2012), - House Place Records Weniger anzeigen


Thomas C. Brueck


  1. Sphere - The New Order - The Voyager Project #voyagerprojectKommentar
  2. Sphere - The Beginning - The Voyager Project #voyagerproject #thevoyagerprojectKommentar
  3. The Voyager Project - Wild Water TearsKommentar
  4. The Voyager Project - The BionicalKommentar
  5. The Voyager Project LIVE TRAILER 1 the show for 2016Kommentar
  6. 'Stratosphere' the TVP late night studio concert gift for the fans part 1Kommentar
  7. The Return Of Zelda - THE VOYAGER PROJECT -Kommentar
  8. ARMY OF GIRLS - The Voyager Project -Kommentar
  9. SEQUENCE OF LIVEKommentar
  10. Schloss Burg Solingen Zauberwald Live - am 11.April 2015Kommentar
  11. Night of lights - Shortfilm Solinger Lichter `14Kommentar
  12. THE VOYAGER PROJECT - Behind The Apparent p&c 2014Kommentar
  13. Freefall Of Nature In Minds - THE VOYAGER PROJECT -Kommentar
  14. Sound Of The Machines - THE VOYAGER PROJECT -Kommentar
  15. Another Dimension - THE VOYAGER PROJECT -Kommentar
  16. THE VOYAGER PROJECT - The End Of DaysKommentar
  17. THE VOYAGER PROJECT - Trailer New CD 2014Kommentar
  18. THE VOYAGER PROJECT - TRAILER - Magic Of Electronic MusicKommentar
  19. THE VOYAGER PROJECT - Blue Highway & medley live (for promotion only)Kommentar
  20. THE VOYAGER PROJECT - Wanted - Live - Wanted -Kommentar
  21. THE VOYAGER PROJECT - Water Dance (Club Version)Kommentar
  23. THE VOYAGER PROJECT - Last Wishes Part I (The Legend Remastered)Kommentar
  24. THE VOYAGER PROJECT - Frontier of EM #thevoyagerproject #voyagerprojectKommentar
  25. THE VOYAGER PROJECT - Construction Of A Live Equipment SetKommentar
  26. THE VOYAGER PROJECT - EVOLUTION (Trailer)Kommentar

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