Veganosaurus Rex

Jurassic Rock aus Berlin, seit 2010


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Bucking a 65 million year old trend, Veganosaurus Rex is determined that band can be aggresive and of gigantic proportions without feeding on her fans.
Since starting their Rock and Roll journey six billion years ago, the Jurassic rockers of Veganosaurus Rex have eaten more vegetables than any other survivors of the prehistoric apocalypse. Having recently begun performing music on stages, quite a feat for creatures with such small forelimbs, V-rex has performed for fans in the 10s and 20s and melted their faces with their gargantuan size.
Citing both the 70’s Monsters of Rock and todays alternative and indie rock sounds as influences, William Whittenberg on guitar and vocals, Deborah Volk on bass guitar and vocals, and Reiko Raccoon on the drums have created a fresh organic new s (...) Mehr anzeigenound.
Of course, nowadays, they call the German city of Berlin home, and enjoy the city’s energy, creativity, and numerous vegan establishments. To date, they have performed in some of Berlin’s most popular clubs, including White Trash Fast Food, Chester’s Music Inn, and Dazzle Danzclub. Several times, they even got paid… Weniger anzeigen


William Whittenberg

Sänger, Gitarrist

Reiko Marsch


Deborah Volk

Bassistin, Sängerin


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