War with the Newts

Loud & Angry Music aus Berlin, seit 2016



Berlin's hardcore punk scene's new darlings War with the Newts have been hurling and whirling across stages since 2016, leaving behind a trail of happiness and destruction. For the last two years Kostia, Juan Alberto and Alex have toured, recorded, screamed and raged all across Germany and have now forced this chaotic energy into their debut album "Muerte мій Amour", which was released in November 2018.
The three piece melt their different roots - Kostia has a Ukrainian background, Alberto is from Spain and Alex came from France - and their shared anger and frustration about the world into the most intense and ass-kicking hardcore punk rock to come out of Berlin’s music scene in years.
Inspired by bands like The Bronx and Gallows, they deliver a loud and powerful mixture of melancholic mel (...) Mehr anzeigenodies and aggressive roar: A perfect soundtrack for breaking into a police station! Weniger anzeigen


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