Armenian-Saxonian Psychedelic - Myth Metal aus Dresden, seit 2012


Aralez was founded July 2012, in Dresden where some musicians from different regions of Germany and Armenia joined for music.
Aralez, being a mixture of Armenian and Saxonian rock, stays true to the original character of their music, in this case Armenian-German dark-psychedelic and melancholic style.
After working a year, Aralez recorded their first album - "Licking Wounds", which is a perfect assembly of folk, rock, and dark-psychedelic metal, completed with the specific oriental female vocals and dark cold male screaming.
The word ARALEZ originates from the Armenian Pagan mythology.Aralezes were the flying god-dogs in the Armenian mythology. According to the legend, the king of Armenia was chained to the rocks and was being tortured by the crowes every day ,and the Aralezes were flying (...) Mehr anzeigento him in the evenings and curing him by licking his wounds.
The members of ARALEZ band are Margarita Zakaryan(Voc, Guit), Ralf Heidenreich(Lead Guit.), Martin Krell (Drums), Frank Zerner (Bass Guit, Voc.) Stefan Peter (Keys) Weniger anzeigen



Sängerin, Gitarristin

Stefan Peter

Keyboarder, Organist

  1. March (Songs of Funerals, )Kommentar
    Track auf Soundcloud
  2. For The Victims (Songs of Funerals, )Kommentar
    Track auf Soundcloud
  3. Doom of War (Licking Wounds, )Kommentar
  4. Kiss your Guns (Licking Wounds, )Kommentar
  5. Licking Wounds (Licking Wounds, )Kommentar
  6. Underworld (Licking Wounds, )Kommentar

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