alternative Rock aus Eschwege, seit 1996



After years of gigging locally, bitune finally came together in Eschwege, Germany in early 2001 when Christian Wosimski (guitar) joined Sascha Wiegand (guitar, vocals), Martin Bartscher (drums, backing vocals) and Thomas Bartscher (bass) to complete the lineup. A few months later, they came to the attention of former Skunk Anansie guitarist Ace who was blown away by a demo they handed to him at a musicians' workshop.

Ace offered to produce the band, and together they began work on crafting new songs and honing the bitune sound. The ep they recorded together in 2003 brought bitune to the attention of German booking agency K.O.K.S. This brought tours in Germany during 2004 supporting the likes of Billy Talent, and German punk giants Die Toten Hosen.

After signing to UK label Headroom Rec (...) Mehr anzeigenords in late 2006, bitune toured the UK for the first time in April & May 2007 supporting Kyrb Grinder on more than 30 dates and making many new friends. Their debut ep 'fantastica' was well-received by fans, press and radio in both Germany & the UK.

A showcase gig at Popkomm in Berlin paved the way for the German release of bitune's debut album 'after the fire' in October 2007. A lengthy German tour to support the release of the album culminated in a prestigious live session on Berlin's leading youth-oriented radio station Fritz FM in November 2007.

The band continued gigging into 2008 and took some time out to write and record songs for their next album. 'after the fire' was released in the UK in September 2008, supported by more gigs in the UK, and will be released in Russia before the end of the year.

The first single from bitune's new album will be released worldwide in early 2009. Weniger anzeigen


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