Daisy Chapman

Folk/Country, Liedermacher/Chanson aus Bristol, seit 2000


Label: Songs&Whispers   Management/Booking: "SONGS & WHISPERS"


Daisy Chapman may now be known in small circles as a folk singer songwriter, but this hasn't always been the case. Aged 16, she sang in St Paul's Cathedral for none other than The Queen. More recently, Daisy can be spotted on stage performing as part of Prog Rock super group Crippled Black Phoenix, supporting the likes of Deep Purple and New Model Army.
Also, as a massive fan of Nick Cave, Daisy's dreams were met when she spent his 42nd birthday with him at a private party in San Francisco. It's not all glamour though, she played to 3 people on a self-booked tour in New York City - two of which were her parents. I guess you take the rough with the smooth!
Written on the road, whilst touring throughout the UK, Europe and a short stint in China, 'Shameless Winter' is an honest and beautiful (...) Mehr anzeigenaccount of life away from home following a dream.
Whether it's a song recounting the bitter European winters whilst travelling alone, or a black comedic tale of an ill-fated journey, the tunes that comprise Daisy Chapman's new album are shrewd and beautifully written.
Daisy's voice, her most powerful instrument, soars above classical piano to almost choral proportions, whilst the melodies are supported by dramatic fiddle and swelling cello.
In 2010 Daisy Chapman won the Independent Music Award in the category best cover version. Her version of Umbrella by Rihanna can be found here:
In the past 2 years, Bristol based Daisy has performed as part of British super group Crippled Black Phoenix, taking the music further afield than ever before, and these new pastures are evident in her more mature approach to her writing. Her solo work is what comes first, and her hard work secured slots at festivals in both Germany and the UK throughout 2011/12, including Glastonbury, Bristol Harbour Festival and Bremen's 'Breminale'.
'Shameless Winter' is her 3rd studio album release and it certainly does not disappoint. A likeness to Michael Nyman is still evident on the piano but Daisy's voice offers no comparison. The latter part of 2013 will see her touring across the UK and Europe once more, and these are shows not to be missed.
2013 saw her touring many European stages for months and selling out venues and philharmonic halls such as Sendesaal Bremen (www.sendesaal-bremen.de) again.
Daisy Chapman also supported the American songwriter Jenn Bostic, her single "Jealous Of The Angels" reached #1 on the UK iTunes songwriter charts in 2013, across the UK. Further European and a US tour are scheduled for Daisy Chapman already.
In January 2014 Daisy Chapman became part of the outstanding RUSSIAN WINTER ensemble. This critically acclaimed music, theatre and multi media perfomance was showing the finest of the cutting edge independent music scene live on stage at the Colston Hall in Bristol.
In 2014 Daisy Chapman also became part of the national BBC project "World War One At Home" BBC asked Daisy Chapman to contribute one song for this outstanding project. Please find further details here under songsandwhispers.blo....html
Als Female Vocalist hat sich Daisy Chapman in den letzten Jahren mit Piano, Loopstation und Ihrem Gesang durch intensives Touren in Europa eine Eigenständigkeit erarbeitet, die auch vor bekannteren Namen nicht zurückstehen muss. Stets an Chapmans Seite ist die Violinistin Sue Lord, so auch bei dem Ende 2017 erscheinende Album „Good Luck Songs“. Die Titel des fünften Studioalbums umfassen Theorien von Glück und Glückwünschen aus der ganzen Welt. Ihr stärkstes Instrument ist ihre Stimme, die von Klavier, dramatischer Geige und swingendem Cello begleitet wird. Um ihre musikalische Entwicklung und Vielseitigkeit zu nachvollziehbar zu machen, wurde das Album „Gathering of the Haunted“ (zuerst 2007) ihrer ehemaligen Band Scarlatti Tilt im Mai 2014 erneut veröffentlicht. Hier zeigt sich Daisy Chapman von einer weitaus düsteren, beinahe sogar makaberen Seite, während sie bei einer erfolgreichen Europa Tournee als Pianistin der englischen Rockband „Crippled Black Phoenix“ beweist, dass sie auch härtere Töne anschlagen kann. Im Zuge ausverkaufter Konzerte in Frankreich, dem UK und in Deutschland, unter anderem im Sendesaal Bremen, bestätigte Daisy Chapman erneut ihre Qualität. Weniger anzeigen


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