Dorothy Bird

Indie Pop / Electro-Acoustic aus Berlin, seit 2014


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DOROTHY BIRD - poetic and heartfelt Indie Pop / Electro-Acoustic - explores the beauty and honest fragility of being

DOROTHY BIRD is the creation of Berlin and UK/Liverpool based vocalist and songwriter Julia Fiebelkorn. She tempers a sublimely naive wonder with the delicate intimacy of the everyday and a deep acknowledgement of life's complexities. Dorothy's voice is intimate and warm, she reveals herself and touches heartbreakingly beautiful. Transported by pure vocals, lyrical depth, piano/synth, cello, guitar and electronica/soundscapes, Dorothy Bird is poetic yet heartfelt and with its deeply informed simplicity, explores the beauty and honest fragility of being.

Dorothy Bird can play Solo or as a Duo or Trio.

Julia Fiebelkorn (DE) – vocals/keys/synth/compositions/soundscape/produ (...) Mehr anzeigenction
Natasha Jaffe (US) – cello
Stephen 'Moon'ey (UK) – guitar/electronica/production

Dorothy Bird has played at international music and art festivals such as 48 hours Neukölln 2015 and 2016, Threshold Festival Liverpool 2017, Expat Expo Festival Berlin 2017 and Hafenfest Krummin 2016. They gave concerts in Berlin in the Grüner Salon Volksbühne, Kunstfabrik Schlot, Kaffee Burger, SO36, Lido, Haus der Sinne, Chamäleon. In 2015 they released her first EP 'Falling Awake'. In March of 2017, Dorothy Birds' new single 'Flowers' was released. Weniger anzeigen


Julia Fiebelkorn

Sängerin, Pianistin, Songwriterin


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