Dorothy Bird

Art Pop / Singer Songwriter aus Berlin, seit 2014



“Really nice, that" - Dave Monks BBC Introducing
"characteristically individual...lovingly arranged" - Neil March, Fresh on the Net
"a wonderful single...gets under the skin" - Liverpool Sound & Vision about the single 'Under Water'
"It is certainy also both epic and cinematic. Gorgeous too." - Trust The Dog, Neil March
"Aided by a beautifully haunting arrangement, Forgot is the guardian of the soul, one that never neglects to remind us of who we are." - Liverpool Sound and Vision about the single 'Forgot'
"playful layers of sound on top of each other. Wonderful" DE:"Ihr Sound poppig, mit dieser nordischen Attitüde, verspielte Klangschichten aufeinander zu häufen. Wundervoll." - Inforadio/RBB

The soundtrack to Dorothy Bird’s life plays constantly in her head. Eve (...) Mehr anzeigenryday sounds wind themselves into the songs that ebb and flow through her mind. “When I was a kid, people in the street often looked at me strangely or puzzled because I always sang - any melodies that came to my head, mostly without realizing it.” Growing up between Berlin and Sofia in Bulgaria, Dorothy spent her childhood in choirs and bands before studying music in Bremen at Hochschule für Künste (University of Arts Bremen). Singing and composing became a necessity, the melodic ideas that distracted her as a child developing into a lifelong wandering of her fingers across the keyboard and synthesizers. Her songs - warm, delicate, dreamy and atmospheric - draw on a deep emotion. In combination with elements of electronica they evoke comparisons with Björk, Portishead, Thom Yorke and Goldfrapp.

Recorded in Liverpool at Crosstown Studios and co-produced with Jon Lawton, Dorothy Bird’s new Single FORGOT continues to venture from her familiar acoustic surrounds and into the worlds of Art Pop and Indie Pop. The latest release, FORGOT, is the follow up to Under Water which was released earlier in 2019. The new single will feature on the next Dorothy Bird EP, expected in April next year. “Authenticity & honesty are the main themes of this new piece”, says Dorothy Bird. “It’s about being genuine in order to experience life fully, connecting with others and ourselves. For this track, I experimented with a mix of acoustic and electronic sounds and I’m really pleased with how well they blend”.

Dorothy Bird has performed her music and stage music at international music and art festivals such as 48 Stunden Neukolln 2015, 2016 2017, 2019, at Threshold Festival 2017 and 2019 (Liverpool), Folk on the Dock Festival 2017 (Liverpool), Smithdown Road Festival 2018 (Liverpool), Expat Expo 2017 (Berlin) and in Admiralspalast, Wintergarten and Chamaleon in Berlin and the Music Room of the Liverpool Philharmonic. She also gave concerts a.o. in the UK in London, Liverpool and Salford, in Berlin at Grüner Salon Volksbühne, B-Flat, Kunstfabrik Schlot, Kaffee Burger, SO36, Lido, Haus der Sinne and other venues in Germany and Europe.

'Forgot' // Single 2019
'Under Water' // Single 2019
'Out of the Dark' // EP 2018
'Flowers' // Single 2017
'Falling Awake' // EP 2015

Releases Stage Music
'Wabi~Sabi' - Dorothy Bird meets Circus Sonnenstich // LP 2018

Line Up
Julia Fiebelkorn aka Dorothy Bird - singer, composer, synths, production

guest musicians:
Jon Lawton - guitar, production
Hiromu Seifert - drums
Natasha Jaffe / Luke Moore / Barbara Hanssen - cello
Amy Chalmers - violin
Sina Schmidt - backing vocals Weniger anzeigen


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